Name – Wyn Tyrie

Business Description Flower Essence Producer and Therapist

Business Category Natural Therapist

Business name  The Dark Sky and Solar System Tree and Flower Essences


Telephone Number 0044( 0) 7873493174

Town Omagh, Co Tyrone


Book The Dark Sky Flower Essences

Favourite Quote If you can see it you can do it

Mind Expertise Creating Essences and modalities to use them in.

 Soul Expertise Spiritual coach and teacher

Products and Services Offered Flower Essences and distant healings

Professional Biography
I trained in Flower Essences in Perth ,W.Australia and have 30 years clinical experiences.

I returned to Ireland 9 years ago to commence my work with the wild flowers in the Irish hedgerows and opened my business in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic.

I am a member of The Association of British Flower Essence Producers and of The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association.

My essences are now going into natural health clinics around Ireland.

I have developed The Alchemy Healing Technique and The Ancestral Alchemy Healing modalities that use my essences as a tool. These healings are delivered by distant healing.

I offer these modalities as courses and also various other workshops. See my website for details on courses or to view the essences available. My essences can be ordered from me and posted to you.

My Greatest Achievement To Date
To leave my home in Perth W. Australia and start my business here in Ireland. My second big achievement has been to learn to connect to nature and channel the messages from nature to create my essences

Unique Selling Point
My Essences are Soul Medicines and are completely safe to use with allopathic medications. The Essences are chosen by your Souls affinity to the flower bypassing the intellect and the filter of the therapist.

Who is my Ideal customer
You who would like to enrich your mental and emotional well-being and heal the suppressed energy that stops you succeeding in life. And being the best you could be.

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Through These Challenged Times
Avoid the gloom and doom of the media.

Connect to friends who are cheerful and positive

Hold gratitude for the gifts your life brings you.

Forgive and let go of things you can not change

Know that nothing lasts forever and even difficult times pass.

I’ve had a wonderful exciting and blessed life and the best is still to come.Click Here to Learn What Can I do For You.


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