Q. I am an YHA member how can I start blogging on The Your Holistic Academy Blog.  

A. You can register an account by filling in the blogging members registration form. Click Here.

Q. I am a new YHA member and I want to get my page created on the YHA Website how do I go about it?

A.  Please fill in the members form and fill it out with as much information as possible if you have banners or images for the page you can send them by email as an attachment to sotiris@yourholisticacademy.com Please note that the top YHA Banner size is 800 x 3oo Pixels Click Here For The Members Page Form.

Q. I am a new YHA member I have submitted my form and information where do I see my profile

A. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to input your profile information on the YHA website as we do this manually to ensure the quality of your profile and to make sure everything is uploaded correctly.

To see your profile go on the yourholisticacademy.com website and click on practitioners and scroll down until you see your name on the list then click your name to visit your profile page.

Q. I am a YHA member have submitted my form and it has been put on the website but I would like to update the page or make some changes.

A. If the changes are major it may be worthwhile re-submitting the members form with your new details. If it is some other minor changes or cosmetic changes then you can book a call and we will help you to make those changes on your YHA profile page Click Here To Book A 1 Hour YHA Profile optimisation call.

Q. Where do I log in to do a YHA Blog Post? If it is your first time blogging on YHA  make sure have registered first using the link above for new blogger registrations? To login press the button on the top right of yourholisticacademy.com there is a dropdown that says YHA Bloggers click on that alternatively you can go to https://yourholisticacademy.com/wp-admin to login Username will be the email you registered with if you cannot remember your password type in your email and click forgot my password to reset it.

Q. Where do I log in to the YHA Membership section and forum? To login to the membership area on YHA, you click on the button on the top right that says membership login. Please note we are still in process of creating the member’s areas and we will create a login with a username and password for you in the next few days when it is ready we may send you out a form to register for this. We would like to thank you for your patience at this time.

Q. I am a Premium YHA Member and I have a course I want to upload to the YHA New Membership site how can I do this?

A. To upload your course to YHA fill in the course form and send any banners pictures etc as an email attachment to sotiris@yourholisticacademy.com Click Here For The Form

Please note: There are two banners needed for the membership course/courses you are selling on the YHA membership site platformBanner sizes for the top of the YHA course membership site are (720 x 400 pixels) and (2260 x 800 Pixels)



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