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Has stress taken over your life? Do you notice that you suffer from digestive issues?  Have trouble sleeping well? Is your skin suffering? Weight that is difficult to shift?  Perhaps you find yourself lying in bed at night with your mind racing?

Join Johann Callaghan and Caroline Mc Donagh, in their 6 part LIVE Zoom Masterclass series starting Monday 22nd February 2021 and discover their practical plan to lower stress in your life using food, nutrients, lifestyle and improved sleep.

How to feed your bodt - nutrition and sleep

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Better Quality of Life

We will give you and also your family a better quality of life.

Better Quality of Life

We will give you and your family a better quality of life.

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Collaborative Opportunities

We give your Holistic Practice access to collaborative opportunities.

Access to collaborative opportunities

We give your Holistic Practice access to collaborative opportunities.

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Higher employee engagement

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personal access to experts

We give you the privilege of personal access to experts in our unique training programmes.

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Access to information

We will give you access to everything you will ever need to know in our Blog.

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A $4.5 Trillion Industry

We give your business access to a $4.5 trillion Industry.

Access to $4.5 Trillion Industry

We give your business access to a $4.5 trillion Industry (Global Wellness Institute, 2019).

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Words of Inspiration from our members…

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When your fear of regret becomes so intolerable, painful and soul destroying for you more than the fear of failure, opinions, rejection and judgements from others – you become UNSTOPPABLEJacqui

Jacqui Taaffe, JT Coaching

Take care of your employees and they will take care of you. So what are YOUR office needs?  Giada

Giada Labrecque, Office Kneads

Not knowing where my path is going is making me travel it more consciously.  Patrick

Patrick Mercie, The Intentional Academy

As a single star we light the night sky, as a constellation we light up the world.  Vivian

Vivian Mc Kinnon, Hydro-ease

One of the Happiest moments you will ever feel – is when you can let go of the things you cannot Change. Ken

Ken Falconer, Wellbeing Coach

You are not healthy unless your sleep is healthy. Johann

Johann Callaghan, Therapeutic Healing

Signature Veda products are natural, vegan, animal cruelty free and nutrient rich. Bimi

Bimi Corbett, Signature Veda

“There is nothing you cannot achieve – you just have to decide!” Fiona

Fiona Brennan, Inspire Action Success

“Some of life’s greatest gifts come wrapped in sandpaper with every challenge in life comes an opportunity for great learning.” Maria

Maria Morgan, Essential Healing

As you live your life, quieten your head, listen to your heart and what follows will be a life that makes  your soul sing…… Mandy

Mandy Reid, Mindmenders

Realising that the path to improved health, performance and happiness for many people lies in our ability to slow down and develop healthier conversations with ourselves. Seamus

Seamus Power, Powering Health

Success is a journey not a destination, learn by your mistakes and grow from the opportunities.  Therese

Therese O Connor, Blueprint Solutions

‘To be open to new possibilities takes courage.  Ask for help, do the work, be kind to yourself. ‘ Charlotte

Charlotte Wickins, Human Architect

Be grateful, have faith, go live your Oola life – Marie

Marie Doherty, Marie Doherty Wellness

One Day, or Day One……… YOU DECIDE! – Noeleen

Noeleen Kelly, Noeleen Kelly Nutrition & Wellness

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or  measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity”.   Don Alden – Mary

Mary Mullally, Pure Pro Massage Products - Ireland

 Reconnect to your inner wellbeing, the true magnificence of who you are is a blessing on the world. Karen

Karen Fleming, Wellbeing By Karen

Creating what we desire can be a more coherent process if we have ourselves stacked up in our favour, without the façade which prevents our authentic-self from coming to the table. Breda

Breda McHale, Be Programme

Your health is your wealth, Grace

Grace Gleeson, Life of Light Holistic

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Upcoming Webinars

Recorded webinar – 5 surefire ways to get better sleep – led by Johann Callaghan – view webinar.

Johann Callaghan

Recorded Webinar – 5 Steps to activiate your vision of success! – Led by Fiona BrennanClick Here to watch – Passcode is *^+HW0f1

Fiona Brennan

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